sights and sound

sights and sound


How can people know what is happening in a service if they can’t hear what is being said? The Audio Team at Temple is a vital part of each service because it lets everyone hear the singing, preaching and worship during each service. We are responsible for producing the highest quality of sound not only during the main worship services, but during children’s church, teen worship services, and various events across our campus and community. If you have experience with live sound there is a spot for you.


With three big screens in our main auditorium, along with several flat screens throughout the campus, this area of Sights & Sound is seen quite a lot. We operate two remote cameras that capture every aspect of each worship service and stream these images to the various flat screens across campus. We also record and produce these images into DVD’s which are used to reach people across our community and nation. Another aspect in the video department is the use of our screens to allow worship attendees the ability to see each and every word that is sung as well as points spoken during the sermon. So come and be a part of this exciting ministry!


The key goal of the lighting department is to illuminate what the congregation sees. However, there are times in a service when a special lighting effect or two can be used to help reinforce the message or to help tell a story, that's when the lighting department steps in. We are there to illuminate not only the worship services and productions, but also the teen and children services and productions.

IT / Web

So, we're supposed to tell you about everything you've been looking at on our site. If you enjoy working with computers and find developing websites interesting, let us know and we'll get you plugged in.


The Photography Team is a newly formed department in Sights and Sound, and it has a lot to offer. There is always something happening not only here on campus, but out in our community and these members of Sights & Sound are there to capture the memories. Our goal is to have a Photography Team Member scheduled at every Temple event so that we may use their many captured memories on our website, in the brochures, on Facebook and even Sermon Illustrations. If you have an eye for capturing those moments in time this is the department for you.

Contact Daniel Schlosser at to get involved or get more information.