missions and outreach

missions and outreach

It is our desire at Temple Baptist Church to assist in planting churches in America and around the world, through prayer, giving and hands-on assistance. The grace of God that has changed our lives is needed in every corner of the globe. Together we can make a difference.

Mission Trips

There is no substitute for eyewitness and hands on experience. Nothing will burden your heart more than seeing people who have never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ hear it for the very first time. Nothing will motivate a person more in the area of missions than the actual experience of personal involvement in missions work.

Each year on our missions trips, people have the opportunity to do actual missions work and get involved in being a part of the work other than just making a financial contribution. Each trip, people will come home and testify about the blessing of sharing the gospel with someone for the very first time. Come with us on a missions trip and take part in these wonderful blessings. You cannot fully understand the difference a trip like this can make in your Christian life until you experienced it for yourself.

We have multiple mission trips available in 2021. These trips are listed below. To sign up for one of these trips please contact Dustin Phillips at 256.737.0112 or email him at dustin.phillips@templebaptistcullman.com

2021 Trips

National Trip    Chattanooga, TN  $395      July 7th - July 10th

We will be working with Pastor Chris O’Neal and Bethany Baptist Church hosting backyard Bible clubs, movies nights, door to door evangelism as well as multiple service projects for those in need throughout the community.

For more information email Andrew Heptinstall andrew@templebaptistcullman.com

International Trip  Mandalay, Myanmar   $3,495      Oct 6th – Oct 16th

We are so excited to be working with Ben Bounds and Faith International Partners on this trip. We will be operating medical clinics in conjunction with local church planters. This will help him contact a large number of people in just a few days. One of the clinics will be in the River Slum area where we have seen a tremendous amount of people come to know Christ. Space is limited on this trip, so please sign up as soon as possible.

International Trip  Dominican Republic  $1,650      June 2021

We are so excited to be working with The Timothy Initiative (TTI), Dominican Nationals and Decatur Baptist Church to help start at least two churches in the DR. This is a great first international trip for anyone wanting to go beyond our national trips to reach those across the globe.

Life Recovery

“Life” happens to us all. Loss, failures, disappointments, heartaches, bitterness anger, low self-esteem, these are all part of life. Life Recovery is here to help you deal with the hurts, habits and hang-ups that are a result of “life” happenings.

For more information email Buchanan Jackson at buchanan.jackson@templebaptistcullman.com

Message From the Mound

Taking the word of God outside the church walls and pointing people to Christ through scripture, love and encouragement.

Each Sunday morning during the season, there is at least one tournament of some type going on at area ball fields. Through the leadership of Heith Yearwood, we have someone there sharing the gospel. This gives those who are unable to attend church the opportunity to worship in some capacity, and for those who do have a home church, it gives us the chance to share the gospel with them.

For more information email Buchanan Jackson at buchanan.jackson@templebaptistcullman.com

3D Ministries

We are an outreach ministry of Temple Baptist Church, and our mission to Alabama Detention Youth Services in Birmingham is the following: weekly visits with the youth male detainees, sharing the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling them and building them up in the word, providing scripturally-based counsel, leading lost souls to Christ and praying with them. The primary goal at DYS is to guide the students in a better way of life. We can do this by planting a seed, feeding them the gospel and leading them to Christ.

For more information email Buchanan Jackson at buchanan.jackson@templebaptistcullman.com

PRO 127

James 1:27 tells us, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction. Through this ministry, it is our goal to be a blessing to these people through scheduled ministry events. At these events, we assist them with various labor needs in their homes.

For more information email Buchanan Jackson at buchanan.jackson@templebaptistcullman.com

If you would like to be involved in any of the above mentioned ministries, please contact Dustin Phillips at the church office at (256) 737-0112.